Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Announcing Terms

This post is to announce the release of Terms, a knowledge store written in Python. Its main selling point would be the language it provides to express knowledge, that, in my opinion, is very simple and at the same time very powerful.


  1. Have you heard of RDF / Dublin Core / Turtle?

  2. Yes I have... The main difference is the distinction made in Terms between "class predicates" ("is of type", "is a subtype of") and verbs, a distiction not made in semantic web technologies. This means that, in Terms, we can treat verbs, "classes" (nouns), and even facts as individuals of the language (e.g., we can have first class variables ranging over them), whereas in the semantic web we cannot do that and at the same time retain sanity [1].

    So, it is my belief that Terms would be closer to OWL Full than to OWL DL in expreessive power, while at the same time remaining decidable and "well behaved" (the foundation of Terms is a finite-domain first order logic theory.)